Book Released 2018

“A Pajama Extravaganza” Mystery Novel


(A Pajama Extravaganza is a children’s fiction mystery chapter book that will appeal to ages 8-14).

Realizing that hiding behind a bedroom door is ridiculous, the girls turn their fear into courage, and decide to investigate the weird sounds. They realize that their investigation will lead to an adventure, a mystery they plan to solve.


"On Wings of an Eagle" and "A Twist of Fate" Coming Soon

(Former Book) "Indigo My Friend Wolf"

The new book from Domanique Aujanae Prather, Indigo My Friend Wolf, explores the relationship between a young girl and a big, hairy, white wolf. While wolves are often portrayed as the bad guy in movies, television, and fairy tales, Prather understands that wolves provide more to the world than just a good villain. Wolves not only help to balance the environment, they are also related to man’s best friends.

Domanique Prather

Domanique Prather, a 14-year old, uses her experiences in creating books for her peers to bring her stories to life. She started her journey, as an amazing young author, at age 8. At a time when most children are more concerned about the next video game level, Prather is using her energy to bring a positive story to the world. Aside from being a published author, Prather is a girl scout, cheerleader, and dancer. She is a member of the National Junior Honor Society, Soccer team Manager, and Book Club Owner.